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Martin Luther King


Thursday late morning , March 19, 2009.

Hi! My name is Joe Rotger. I’m no expert, nor attorney.

I’ll be writing from the perspective of the guy that wants to stop bank abuse.

We all know the many tricks banks pull out of their sleeves, more often than not, to fleece us.

But, let me remind you of a few:

  • They’re still charging you 18 and 22% while they’re getting loans at almost 0%.
  • Banks change credit card agreements unilaterally and at will, raising interest rates, raising late payment fees, so on and so on…
  • They’ve also pulled some big ones, like doing away with the laws that protected us all from usury lending, or exorbitant interest rates.

Did you know that state usury laws have limits of 6, 8, 12, and 16% on loan interest rates?

Well, banks bypassed these limits, lobbying for legislation financed with their profits —our money.

So, I sat one day to put together some useful information for all those folks close to or into bankruptcy, —which is getting to be quite a few of us nowadays—, and I got more and more upset with banks, the closer I came to realize the many spins and how frequently banks yank our chain.

By the way, I’m also an engineer that works in a daily newspaper, and now and then does some investing.

Father of a wonderful 2 girls and 2 boys, happily living in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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